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April 4, 2018Join us for our annual Women's Luncheon
March 23, 2018I'm running for re-election
March 13, 2018Join us! Cocktails & Hors d'oeuvres
Jan. 30, 2018The REAL State of the Union:
Dec. 18, 2017Sign the Petition: Reject the NRA!
Oct. 18, 2017Sign the petition to prevent gun violence!
Sept. 20, 2017Sign the petition and demand that Congress stands up for Dreamers!
Sept. 19, 2017Enough is enough
Sept. 6, 2017cruel
Aug. 31, 2017Sign the petition: Hold Trump accountable for health care!
Aug. 25, 2017Make the NRA pay
Aug. 17, 2017I’m calling the NRA out
Aug. 9, 2017Sign the petition to protect Medicare and Social Security!
July 26, 2017Bring it on.
June 21, 2017Sign the petition to protect our schools!
June 12, 2017Stand up. Stand together.
May 31, 2017Did the GOP seriously celebrate this?!
May 16, 2017Tell Congress to stop ICE raids in schools and hospitals
May 3, 2017The next fight on health care
March 22, 2017Tell Congress: Reject Ryan's health care plan!
March 17, 2017Discrimination is not OK in New York
March 14, 201724 million
March 2, 2017Standing strong against bigotry and hate
Jan. 18, 2017Trump vs. Women
Jan. 11, 2017Tell the Senate: Reject Jeff Sessions!
Dec. 23, 2016Sign the Petition: Protect the Paris Climate Agreement!
Dec. 14, 2016Four years ago today
Nov. 12, 2016What we stand for
Oct. 27, 2016Tell Congress: No More Fracking on Public Lands!
Oct. 27, 2016The antidote to big money in politics
Oct. 20, 2016This is why I'm with her:
Oct. 14, 2016Help us get out the vote
Oct. 11, 2016Really, Donald? "Great respect for women"?
Sept. 30, 2016Five More Labor Organizations Endorse Kathleen Rice for Reelection
Sept. 28, 2016Labor Coalition Endorses Kathleen Rice for Reelection
Sept. 22, 2016Standing in line for hours on end
Sept. 11, 2016Never Forget
Sept. 8, 2016A trillion dollars in student debt
Aug. 22, 2016What is PFOA and why is it in our water?
Aug. 6, 2016Tell Congress: Fund the Fight Against Zika!
July 27, 2016Listen to the mothers: courage in the face of tragedy
July 20, 2016Religion is no excuse for illegal discrimination
June 20, 2016Love and pride vs. hate
May 19, 2016End Campus Sexual Assault!
May 12, 2016Guarantee Paid Family Leave!
May 5, 2016Please sign my climate change petition
May 2, 2016Tell the NRA: We won't back down!
April 13, 2016Equal Pay Day
April 10, 2016Newsday: More gun-sale controls needed to stem violence, Rice says
April 8, 2016What Bill Clinton said:
March 16, 2016It's time to make the Supreme Court whole again
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Together, we can break through the partisan gridlock and get important things done for the people of Long Island.

Meet Kathleen

Kathleen Rice represents New York's Fourth Congressional District on Long Island. A career prosecutor, Kathleen is a progressive Democrat known for her independent style and ability to work with people from both parties to take on big problems.

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