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I'm running for re-election

Every day in Washington, the partisan rhetoric gets louder. People talk over each other, past each other, around each other. No one's listening. And nothing's getting done.

I ran for Congress 4 years ago as a political independent who always put people ahead of politics. It was this partisan bickering that drove me to run - I knew it had to end. I've done my part to try to bridge the divide - building relationships on both sides of the aisle to deliver for my constituents. And I've been unafraid to take on the leaders in my own party when I didn't think they were right. But there's still so much more to do.

That's why I'm running for re-election: to keep offering commonsense solutions instead of political ploys. I know we can make progress but I need you to stand with me.

Can you contribute to my campaign today so we can show that government can be a force for good again?

I'm fighting every day to find common ground on our most pressing issues – economic fairness, climate change, gun safety. We've got to move past the same tired talking points and create policy that helps the people of Long Island.

Chip in now so we can make sure we have the resources to win in November!

America needs leaders who are ready to listen, to act, and to lead. And I'm still up for the task because the stakes couldn't be higher.

Thank you for always standing with me,


Posted on March 23, 2018.
Photo by Joe Mabel
Together, we can break through the partisan gridlock and get important things done for the people of Long Island.

Meet Kathleen

Kathleen Rice represents New York's Fourth Congressional District on Long Island. A career prosecutor, Kathleen is a progressive Democrat known for her independent style and ability to work with people from both parties to take on big problems.

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