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Sign the petition and demand that Congress stands up for Dreamers!

President Trump’s decision to end DACA was a mistake. Now he’s said that he’ll work with Democrats to fix it – but words aren’t enough. We need to put the pressure on until we get action.

Join me and sign the petition to stand up for Dreamers!

America is the only home that many Dreamers have ever known. It’s senseless to force them back into the shadows. It’s cruel to force them to once again live in fear of deportation. Dreamers have jobs, they’re in school, they’re veterans and servicemembers – all fighting for a better life for their families.

President Trump and Republicans in Congress need to join Democrats and take immediate action to allow Dreamers to continue living their lives and contributing to our country. It’s the least we can do – and it’s only the first step.

We all know our immigration system is broken. We all know we need a path to citizenship for the millions of hard-working, law-abiding immigrants forced to live in the shadows of our society. Congress has kicked this problem down the road for far too long – but I won’t stop fighting until we get the job done.

Sign the petition and demand that Congress takes action to protect Dreamers!

Posted on September 20, 2017.
Photo by Joe Mabel
Together, we can break through the partisan gridlock and get important things done for the people of Long Island.

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Kathleen Rice represents New York's Fourth Congressional District on Long Island. A career prosecutor, Kathleen is a progressive Democrat known for her independent style and ability to work with people from both parties to take on big problems.

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