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No fly? No buy.

It’s time to take action on gun violence.

On average each year, more than 32,500 Americans are killed by a gun – that’s more than illegal drugs, HIV/AIDS, and terrorism combined. And yet Congress has done nothing to address the gun violence epidemic.

Take action: Tell Congress to close loopholes that allow suspected terrorists to get guns.

The terrorism watch list prevents suspected terrorists from boarding planes in airports, but it's perfectly legal for those same suspected terrorists to buy guns – and thousands have done so over the past decade. Congress must take action and ban gun sales to people on the watch list.

It’s pretty simple: if a person is too dangerous to board a plane, they shouldn’t have a gun. It’s time to stand up to the gun lobby and close loopholes that make it easy for violent criminals to get guns. Enough is enough: sign this petition and tell Congress to ban gun sales to suspected terrorists.

Posted on February 3, 2016.
Photo by Joe Mabel
Together, we can break through the partisan gridlock and get important things done for the people of Long Island.

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Kathleen Rice represents New York's Fourth Congressional District on Long Island. A career prosecutor, Kathleen is a progressive Democrat known for her independent style and ability to work with people from both parties to take on big problems.

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