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Give Seniors a cost-of-living increase!

Social Security is a promise to our seniors. It’s a promise that after a lifetime of work, you will not retire in poverty.

The costs of health care and housing have kept climbing over the past year, making it harder and harder for seniors to make ends meet. But despite the rising costs of living, the Social Security Administration recently announced that there would be no increase in Social Security benefits for 2016. Without an increase, millions of seniors could struggle to afford basic necessities.

Tell Congress: Give seniors a cost-of-living raise!

Those who rely on Social Security should get benefits that reflect their needs – that’s why benefits are typically adjusted to the cost of living. Here’s the problem: when the Social Security Administration does the math, it looks at the cost of living for all Americans, not seniors in particular. And while cheaper gas has been a big help to working families, it’s far less beneficial to retirees.

After a lifetime of working hard and paying into the system, seniors deserve to get the benefits they were promised. That’s why I’m standing up for American seniors and calling on Congress to give them benefits that reflect their cost of living.

Sign the petition: Tell Congress to give American seniors a cost-of-living increase!

Posted on January 27, 2016.
Photo by Joe Mabel
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