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My article on gun violence

For far too long, Congress has ignored the gun violence epidemic in our country.

As a homicide and federal gun crimes prosecutor, I didn’t have the luxury of ignoring the problem or pretending that the only answer to gun violence is more guns.  I dealt with the cold hard reality of guns every day, and I saw the toll that they take on thousands of families every year.

I think the ice is beginning to break on this issue.  It was front and center during the Democratic presidential debate, and I believe some of my Republican colleagues in Congress are coming around to the idea that we need to do something to stop the violence.

The Long Island Herald recently published an article I wrote about our proposal to establish a bipartisan Select Committee to investigate the causes and effects of gun violence.  Here’s an excerpt:

I doubt there is a single member of Congress who doesn’t think gun violence is a problem in America. We may not agree on every solution, but I know that if we can just agree to work together, we will find common ground. We will find reasonable solutions in order to keep guns away from people who shouldn’t have them, and we will find ways to help prevent gun violence without infringing on the Second Amendment rights of any responsible, law-abiding American citizen.

Read the full article here and share it with your friends and family!

Posted on October 16, 2015.
Photo by Joe Mabel
Together, we can break through the partisan gridlock and get important things done for the people of Long Island.

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